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What are the characteristics of a Jamendo PRO license?
Jamendo PRO licenses are non-exclusive.The price of a license is calculated according to the nature of your project, as well other parameters such as the surface of your establishment in the case of background music (for hotels, restaurants, shops...) or the distribution format (TV, CD/DVD, internet...), the territory of broadcasting (regional, ,national, international) and the duration of the license in the case of video synchronization.According to the chosen license and these criteria, the license price will show automatically.
Why do I need a Jamendo PRO license?
A Jamendo PRO license legally guarantees that the commercial use you will make of the music (background music, video synchronization...) does not entail any fees to performance rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, PRS, BUMA, SOCAN...).

Simply downloading a track from jamendo.com does not give you sufficient proof that the artist is not a member of a performance rights organization.
By purchasing a Jamendo PRO license, you will receive a certificate that you can present to these organizations' representatives in the event of an inspection.

You must purchase a commercial license in the following cases:

A) Your project is commercial
* A project is commercial if it is available for sale, if its access isn't free, if it comes with advertising, if it was created to promote a business or if you were remunerated for its creation.
* Getting background music for a public place is considered to be a commercial project.

B) Your project does not comply with the rules of Creative Commons
* Creative Commons licenses are subject to various restrictions chosen by the artists, and these restrictions must be respected:
How can I pay for my order?
Once your order is finalized, all you need to do is proceed to its payment in order to get access to the music.
We offer various payment options:

  • You can pay directly online using a credit card via Ogone, the leader in Europe for secure online paymensts.
  • You can also use a PAYPAL account. It's easy and risk-free. PayPal encrypts and protects your bank details.
  • Or you can make a bank transfer. These are the details you will need to provide your bank with:

    76 Avenue de la Liberté

    Bank : ING Agence Esch. 27, rue Boltgen L-4038 Esch-sur-Alzette .
    Bank account number : 14-365-181-0
    IBAN : LU42 0141 4365 1810 0000
    TVA : LU 22234927
    RCS : LUX B104301
What is an intra-Community VAT number?
Individual number attributed to entities subject to VAT doing operations within Europe (only EU countries).
It has usually 10 to 14 characters : country code (2 letters) plus 8 to 12 digits
I am an artist, how can I offer my music on Jamendo PRO?
If you are not a member of any collective rights society and if you agree on sharing your music for free with Jamendo community of users and fans, upload your music by following this link: http://www.jamendo.com/en/upload. Once your music is published, you will be able to choose if you want to register it to Jamendo PRO and get paid for any commercial and/or professional use made of your music.
My European VAT number is not accepted by the system and seems to be incorrect, what can I do?
Any country liable for the VAT in Europe has a European VAT number. However, it can happen that your number is not accepted by our checking system because the European Union validation website is not updated (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en).You should address to the appropriate authorities in order to check if your VAT number is correct and please contact us if the problems persists.
How is the delivery of devices handled?
Shipping costs of our different multimedia devices (Jambox, USB stick...) are paid for by the client and will vary according to the weight of the device and the client's location. For shipping outside the European Union, there can be potential additional taxes and costs (custom, ...) and are paid by the customer.The delivery of our USB drives is handled by P&T Luxembourg. The Jamboxes are sent from Belgium by our provider via Fedex or DHLJamendo cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft or damage caused to your device during its expedition.
Payment security
For security reasons, we do not store any information regarding your credit cards. You credit card number will not be communicated to us at any time.
Every credit card payment will be made through the secured pages (SSL) of an external service.
Your data will be encrypted before it is communicated straight to the bank.

Online payment is made through a secured SSL process (Secure Socket Layer) which guarantees high level encrypting (using maximal authorized standards, at 128 bits).
Who are the artists I can listen to on Jamendo PRO?
The artists present on Jamendo PRO are not members of any collective rights organization (such as ASCAP, BMI, PRS, BUMA, etc.), therefore the use of their music does not entail any fees to pay to these organizations.There are numerous independent artists who choose not to be a part of any collective rights management system, from the humble amateur to the most professional. This doesn't keep their music from being of great quality, nor certain artists from managing their careers with extreme professionalism.As they do not necessarily wish their music to enter the public domain, they often choose to resort to Creative Commons licenses, which offer a certain level of protection to their works.Such is the case with the artists on Jamendo PRO.
How is it possible not to pay ASCAP/BMI, PRS, SACEM, SABAM, SGAE, GEMA ... any longer?
Contrary to popular belief, registering to a performance rights organization (such as ASCAP, PRS, BMI, SOCAN...) is not mandatory for artists.
The artists who are on Jamendo PRO chose an alternative mode of distribution for their music: they chose not to enter the collective rights system.
Therefore, the use and broadcasting of their music does not entail any performance rights fees.
Jamendo PRO deals with collecting and distributing 50% of all its revenue to the artists according to the licenses sold.
How can I prove to collective rights societies that I don't need to pay them any fee?
By purchasing a Jamendo PRO license, you'll get a certificate that you'll be able to show to collective rights societies inspectors in case of control.In some countries there is a specific legislation which enables these societies to ask you for an additional fee. Our artists waived their rights to receive such a royalty payment.

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The track I want is published under a BY or BY-SA Creative Commons license: why do I need to purchase a Jamendo PRO license in that case?
Creative Commons BY and BY-SA licenses signify that the artists are not opposed to the commercial use of their music. This doesn't mean they don't wish to be paid for it.

A Jamendo PRO license legally guarantees that the commercial use you will make of the music (background music for a public place or multimedia project) will not entail any fees to be paid to performance rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, PRS, BUMA or SOCAN.

Simply downloading a track from Jamendo.com doesn't provide a sufficient guarantee that the artist is not a member of one of these organizations.
By purchasing a Jamendo PRO license, you will receive a certificate to present to representatives of these organizations in the event of an inspection.
Can I find on Jamendo PRO all the music featured in the www.jamendo.com catalog?
Only the tracks by artists who chose to take part in our commercial programs are available for commercial use. These tracks constitute the Jamendo PRO catalog.To access this catalog, simply browse through Jamendo PRO where all the music is immediately available for licensing purposes.
I need music regularly; do you have an offer that fits my needs?
If you regularly need music for your multimedia projects, the Premium subscription is the solution you're looking for. More info here: https://pro.jamendo.com/en/premium
How do I access the ordered tracks, and in what format will they be delivered?
You can download the tracks directly from your Jamendo PRO account.The tracks are available in MP3 (192 kb/s), .wav or FLAC (compressed audio without any quality loss).
Can I use tracks from Jamendo PRO on my webradio?
We don't have any licensing options at the moment for commercial webradios.Most of the current webradios are non-profit and can use the music under the Creative Commons licenses.If you wish to play Jamendo music in a commercial web radio, please contact us. We will try to figure out if we can send you a customized offer.

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Can I use all the PRO radio streams?
When you subscribe to a Jamendo PRO license, you have unlimited access to all our radio streams. You can choose the one most fitting to your business, and even change radios according to the time of day.

Simply log in using your Jamendo PRO account details and play the radios with the Jamendo PRO player, or download the radios.

Your account also enables you to play several radios at the same time. If you run a hotel for example, you can play a different stream on each floor with just one license!
Can I make my own music selection?
You can make your own selection and customize your radio stream as you wish.
Just log in to your Jamendo PRO account, download the playlist(s) you want and make your own radio.
You can then play this radio using any playback device (CD, USB stick, mp3 player, etc.).
What happens if my internet connection dies down while I'm using the Jamendo PRO player online?
If you choose "online streaming" using our interface (Jamendo PRO player) to play the music, your internet connexion will be used.If your connexion happens to be temporarily cut off, the Jamendo PRO player will stop playing music.But you can still use one of our play back devices (JamBox, USB sticks, ...) or download the content of our radios in order to play it offline if you don't want to be dependent on your Internet connection.
On what criteria are our rates based?
The price of a Jamendo PRO license varies according to the surface of the place the background music is destined for. Only the "commercial surface" is taken into account, i.e. the surface that receives customers and where the music is effectively being played.For a restaurant, for example, this is the room where meals are served, excluding the kitchen. For a hotel, it can be only the surface of the restaurant + the surface of the reception if no music is played in the rooms. The price also varies according to the chosen options (playback devices).
I run a chain of stores/restaurants, why should I turn to Jamendo PRO to get background music for my establishments?
Please contact us for a customized offer.
Are the playlists of the PRO radio streams updated, and how often?
We receive new tracks everyday but the updates are carried out quarterly. Indeed, our Music Manager must first make a selection to complete each one of the thematic playlists.Besides, it would not be convenient to download the whole content of each radio every week in order to get the updates.
How can I prove performance rights organizations I'm not doing anything wrong?
When you subscribe to a Jamendo PRO license, you will automatically receive an exemption certificate you will simply need to show to performance rights organization representatives in the event of an inspection.
Who are the artists featured in the radios? Will I be able to listen to famous artists?
The Jamendo PRO radio streams are composed of professional artists selected by our Chief of music and his team. These artists are independent and chose not to register their music in any collective rights society.Therefore, you won't be able to listen to the latest hit of well known artists simply because these artists entrusted collective rights societies to manage their rights.
Your radios are downloadable
Once your subscription is finalized and paid, you will have access to all our Jamendo PRO radio streams, which you are free to download if you wish:

1. Log in to your account
2. Download the radios in MP3 using the "download the radios" link

You can then store and playback the tracks from a computer, a USB stick or an MP3 player, or even burn them on CDs.
You can even create your own selections.
It's up to you to choose the method you prefer!

The size of the radios varies between 350Mb and 1Gb. Allow 30 to 60 minutes to download one radio (the download speed also varies according to your internet connexion).