Background music
for points of sales
and public places

Jamendo Flow offers a wide choice of music channels for your business, restaurant, hotel, chain of shops and even more.

  • 21 quality selections
  • Clear and attractive rates
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Available immediately
  • No fee to collective rights societies anymore
Discover our subscriptionsFrom 49€/year
  • 21 music channels available.

    Our music director selects each day the best of Jamendo PRO in order to propose varied musical atmospheres.

    Listen to our radios.

  • Independent artists.

    The artists that are featured on Jamendo PRO are not members of any collective rights society and decided not to resort to the traditional network to distribute their music. Thus, the use of their music does not imply any payment to collective rights society.

  • A certified license.

    Jamendo will provide you with a certificate that you'll be able to show to collective rights societies' inspectors in the event of a control and which proves that you have no fee to pay to these societies.

  • Adapted play-back devices.

    Jamendo offers several play-back solutions either with or without Internet. For more information, please visit our

    Streaming solutions page
  • Regular updates.

    Everyday we're receiving new music and our music director is listening to it and classifying it so as to provide quarterly updates.

  • Preferential rates for chains of stores.

    You're the manager of a chain of points of sales and you're looking for an adapted musical atmosphere for your shops? Feel free to contact us to receive a customized quote.

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