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Testimonials from our clients worldwide

Gil Martinez, "Point Soleil" tanning shop franchise (France):
“The music is very pleasant, relaxing and trendy at the same time, which is what we're looking for. Its use on a USB stick is very handy, with over 25 hours of music nonstop. It's also the best solution we've found so far considering we're exempt from performance right fees.”

Christiana Lentes, hotel/restaurant “Klosterschenke” (Germany):
“I think Jamendo is the right choice for those who don't want to work with performance rights organizations. That's why I went with Jamendo PRO.”

Mr. Segur, Biosanté labs (Chaumont, France):
“Jamendo is interesting for the great variety of music it offers, and, in some cases, its great quality... And free music at that. The website is user-friendly, the music genres are numerous, and there are very convincing testimonials from its users. Basically you can find here any musical genre adapted to your project.”

Furfaro Carmelo Antonio, bar owner (Italy):
"Thanks to your service, I can play excellent music for my clients, without any ads and with great variety, without paying any performance rights. Plus I'm a music lover. On jamendo, one of my musician friends could publish his tracks and share them with other artists from around the world. Thank you Jamendo."

Michel Delaunay, IRFA Entreprises (adult training center, France):
“As far as our user experience, we are very satisfied with the product you offer. It's easy to get started, the music is good quality and for our pedagogical restaurant which is open to the public, it adds a definite plus in terms of ambiance. Choosing a musical atmosphere is very practical. A product like yours deserves to be better known among professionals who need background music for public places and who wish to distance themselves from the very commercial and expensive system of performance rights organizations.”

Florian Mayr, “Healthy Planet” ice cream shops (Germany):
“The quality of the music selection is better than average. Furthermore, we now have something resembling 'corporate audio' in our organic ice cream shops; customers will no longer risk being frightened away by somebody's ipod's punk rock”.

Dominique Ewert, Director of Public Relations, Steganos GmbH (Frankfurt, Germany):
"We really enjoyed the Jamendo PRO service: it's as easy to use as our encrypting software, and in just one click! We found the perfect mix for our event at the CeBIT 2009."

M. Sepulcri, La Marelle restaurant (France):
“Our experience with Jamendo PRO is positive since we can, at a modest price, offer quality music that's different from what other businesses play. We are thrilled to be active members of Jamendo.”

Christian Zorn, bakery and coffee shop owner (Germany):
"So far we are very happy with Jamendo. The quality is good and the selection wide. And compared to GEMA (the German performance rights organization), Jamendo is really inexpensive!"

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